Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I've got a present for you...

Every man, his dog and maybe 2, or 3 tops, women knows Orstralia held the title as "best country in punk" for a coupla short years before hardcore hit and the Australian scene really bit the dust with bands putting out chunk-chunka wannabe britcore records and other crap like that.

One of my fave Oz Punk LP's is X's "Aspirations", recorded in one 5 hour session in 1978 and leaving most other punk LP's to come after it to sound weak and inferior. Probably known best as Ian Rilen's "other band", they deserve a little bit more than that. While The Saints and Radio Birdman blazed the trail a little bit earlier X were on a bit of a darker, more brooding and "out there" tip and had a bit more of a raw street level swagger. They weren't afraid of mixing tempos and were willing to forgo a bit of that Motor City approach to add their own bass heavy rhythmic passages. Anyway, its 5pm and I gotta work soon. There is nothing more I need to say, 30 years on this thing still sounds fresh and unique. If you love crap like Clockcleaner, suss out a real punk band that made that kinda noise without any posing.

download it here-

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I don't know what I know but I'd just like to shoot it...

Well, shit. A couple of weeks flew past whilst my computer sat in a friend of the families house awaiting his repairs to bring it back from the death, he suceeded and now Im compelled to atleast make a post on this pieceashit to keep you up to date with the happenings at this blogspot.

My sister just got back from the land Altercation dubbed the greatest country on earth AMERICA! and Ive been binging on Hershey's all evening, I planned on posting a slab from one of the cities she stayed in- either San Diego or San Fran but since I just this evening got my PC back Ive not had the time to prepare such a post. I'll probably post something on Battallion of Saints real soon, precious, so dont fear. One of my favourite punk bands who are made even better by the Mad Marc art factor and the fact Doug Moody bootlegged their songs while they were still active.

Youre probably thinking, what the fuck does my sister have to do with punk? Well, not alot. She listens to MGMT and DJ Ali Love BUT she knows enough about punk to jam Darvocets, Feederz and Inverted Triangles on her Ipod. She also can sing all the chorus' offa the first 2 Combat 84 7"s, so I guess she probably has more to do with punk than you do, right?

Anyway, the real reason I wanted to entertain you with my cunning wit and vocab was to announce the arrival of the 2nd Issue of my printed fanzine, NOT GUILTY. It will be available within the fortnight, 24 pages of cut and paste supremacy. Gotta be believed to be seen...

Limited run of 30 shirts to be made available late Jan/early Feb, featuring art by one of my favourite punk artists of all time depicting the N.G.D.B. in action.