Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I've got a present for you...

Every man, his dog and maybe 2, or 3 tops, women knows Orstralia held the title as "best country in punk" for a coupla short years before hardcore hit and the Australian scene really bit the dust with bands putting out chunk-chunka wannabe britcore records and other crap like that.

One of my fave Oz Punk LP's is X's "Aspirations", recorded in one 5 hour session in 1978 and leaving most other punk LP's to come after it to sound weak and inferior. Probably known best as Ian Rilen's "other band", they deserve a little bit more than that. While The Saints and Radio Birdman blazed the trail a little bit earlier X were on a bit of a darker, more brooding and "out there" tip and had a bit more of a raw street level swagger. They weren't afraid of mixing tempos and were willing to forgo a bit of that Motor City approach to add their own bass heavy rhythmic passages. Anyway, its 5pm and I gotta work soon. There is nothing more I need to say, 30 years on this thing still sounds fresh and unique. If you love crap like Clockcleaner, suss out a real punk band that made that kinda noise without any posing.

download it here-