Tuesday, December 9, 2008



Its nearly 3am and its hot as hell, so this ones gonna be brief and unedited. Dig?

Carnivore to me are the greatest NYHC crossover band, even if the first LP pictured above is, to use one of their own lines, more along the lines of "post Armageddon, neo-barbaric" metal. They still jocked NYHC, the back of the inner sleeve on the record has Taggart art of moshing skins and wolves bashing hippies for Sodom's Sake (its pictured below for your viewing pleasure). They were also accepted in the hardcore scene, which is kinda surprising considering the anti-long hair tales Ive heard. As you might be aware Pete Steele also ended up being a co-writer with AF and penned those lyrics to your favourite tune "Public Assistance".

This certainly wont appeal to all of you and I wouldn't want it any other way. Carnivore is man music, its misogynistic and akin to what would happen if you put the guys from Heavy Metal Parking Lot in the wastelands in Mad Max. On the 2nd LP the themes got even more out of hand and the music took a turn in a harder, more NY sounding direction.

I couldn't upload the whole LP as a result of a bad internet connection, so instead I posted the 84 demo. Only listen to this under the cover of nightfall, while eating a nice cut of sirloin and rocking a loin cloth. If you don't have hair on your back, steer clear.

Download the 84 demo here-

Also- Im currently working on a printed matter Carnivore article, expect it before 2012.

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