Saturday, December 13, 2008


Well, it's been a couple of days and I've not had the drive to post anything. On Friday I found out about the suicide of a guy I used to hang with back in high school, well before I nailed myself to the X, when life was easy and financial trouble meant trying to get a lobster together so you could throw in for a mix and get yourself a 4 pack of Johnny Reb cans. Ive been contemplating alot of deep and heavy life related shit this weekend, but I'm gonna spare y'all the grief. This ain't no live journal, right?

I killed time tonight integrating my latest record purchases into the collection, its always a horror job but It meant uncovering some killer jams Id all but forgotten about and its a good way to fill in a lazy Saturday night. And just this past half hour, I wasted my time making an add for issue 2 of my printed fanzine NOT GUILTY. Suitable only for assholes. Its pictured above w/ THE MENTORS- Get Up And Die 12" which I intend to upload and post in a future post. One of my favourite MYSTIC RECORDS 12"s and Its soon to be one of yours too. Classic band, who needs a foldback to put your leg up on when you have a chained up wench on all fours ready to take the weight???

You should be able to tell where the inspiration for the add came from and if you cant, hit the red X. NOT GUILTY #2 will be out early in the new year, finally. You might notice I tore off the $2ppd price tag, while I hope to hold the price steady at $2 who knows what the economy crash has done to the printing industry this past year. Who cares though, like Cliff Hanger once jockingly sang "the pictures are perfect, the layout precise. To maintain the quality, we jack up the price". The add is gonna appear in issue 2 of DOWNSIDED, despite issue 1 being kinda dull I have higher hopes for Sean's 2nd issue, in part due to my contribution of an IRON AGE i/v and in part because a zine named after the best S-A-H record deserves to rule, right? Checkout Seans blog here- In between posting pics of bad grindcore and joke band records he might turn you onto something decent.

And last but not least, I just wanted to let you know the current format for my blog- "upload some low bitrate mp3s and talk shit about a good record" is not the only thing Ill be doin' here. Expect reviews, pictures, ramblings and some other bullshit in the near future.

Over and out.

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