Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Well, that minor problem that was stopping me from uploading crap turned into a major problem and now my PC wont even turn on. Its probably a good thing, the Internets a time waster and Id rather be playin' some snooker or reading books anyway.

I hate this time of year, everyone thinks the "birth of Christ" and the changing of the calender year means they can party like a motherfucker and not look like a dick, false. The best part about it is this year the holiday season, in my town at least, has coincided with a really bad batch of heroin. Last week, 2 days before Xmas a dude OD'd and died in his car 15 metres up the road from my house and just this past Sunday as I was riding into town I saw another dude OD'ing on the grass on a busy street. What made it cooler is the 2nd dude is an old metal head, he started out on H Street probably around the same time he picked up Motorheads 1st LP and got their logo tattooed on his hand. It was a surreal sight, middle of the day with a thunderhead cloud overhead, riding up the road listening to Obituary's cover of CF's "Circle of Tyrants" and here's this bloke, foaming at the mouth. Heroin is fun. The other downside of the holiday season is the people who come to my town to holiday- Baby boomers, westies, Europeans. Every kind of filth.

Anyway, before my computer crashed I planned to treat you to a write up on the 1st Vandals 12" but things popped up. Id already uploaded it, and you'll find the link below. The Vandals are a pretty important band to me because they were almost like a right of passage, when you grew up in the 90s on the coast bodyboarding you had to be exposed to them from an early age. Its silly and its ignorant but its great. Theres 6 songs on the 12"- ones about eating acid and hitting Disney land, another is about life in a punk house, then there is one about Urban Cowboys, the Legend of Pat Brown that details the escapades of one of HBs sketchiest punks and it closes with a song about an Anarchy Burger. Apparently Vin Diesel quotes lyrics from that last song in the movie XXX but I'm not gonna watch it to verify. There was also a cover of Elvis' Heartbreak Hotel with some changed lyrics but I removed it from the folder before I zipped it. You are better for it.


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